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What Is The Scope Of The Printing Machine?

- May 23, 2018 -

1, the characteristic gift Mall: the domestic gift shop planning has reached 9 billion 800 million, which has become the prevailing trend of gifts. The pictures, icons and words that may be loved in the gift of the gift, and the face that disjoins the gift of gifts, can reflect the value of the gift and the originality of the gift.

2, home decoration and furniture shopping malls: domestic family decoration shopping malls reached tens of billions, family characteristics of the decoration is also quietly prevailing. Users, according to their favorite home features, print their favorite photos on the decorative paintings, tiles, furniture and the floor, decorate their homes with their favorite features and build their own space.

3. Characteristic shopping mall: the appropriate part of the current popular mobile and digital mall users is the young and fashionable group. Printing their own logo on these products is the best manifestation of the characteristics. Some portable items, such as makeup glasses, lighters, wallets, backpacks and so on, are also excellent ways for these users to embody their own characteristics.

4, the characteristic image consumer goods market: the rapid development of the digital image, we are no longer constrained to print their photos on the photo paper. The universal digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramics, canvas and so on. The effect of the products printed on different materials is different from that of people. We can print their photos on different materials and enrich the form and effect of the photos.

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