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What Aspects Should The Operator Pay Attention To When Printing Presses Are Used?

- May 23, 2018 -

The development of printing industry has gradually changed from simple letterpress printing to the commonly used offset printing and the increasingly vigorous digital printing mode. It now involves people's lives, work and so on, so what are we going to do in the process of using it?

1. ensure that the leader is responsible for supervising the safety of machine and equipment operators.

2. before operation, the workers must wear their work clothes, work cap and work shoes neatly, and fasten their sleeves and sleeves.

In the mouth, clothes are not easily worn out, and no watches or accessories are worn.

3. before starting, the lubricating oil (grease) should be added to each oil injection point, lubrication point and fuel tank of the machine.

4. without approval, the crew shall not operate or operate the machine without authorization. The assistant and the apprentice shall work under the guidance of the leader.

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