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The Visit Of Party&Labor Committee And Economic Development Section

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Hu Jianlin, the new secretary of Party&Labor Committee of Zhongtai Street, Liang Fugen, Party&Labor committee member in charge of industry, and Zhang Ming,  Economic Development Section chief visit Xianghuai Zhongtai industrial park. Xianghuai Chairman doctor He Weidong, general manager Hu Deshan and relating technical engineers accompanied and held a warm reception to them.


 Chairman doctor He introduced the newly technical development and future innovation road. While general manager Hu Deshan told the company history, company product and business in detail. The government officers tour around the factory and had a deep impression on high standard workshop, intelligent and efficiency production system. In the end, they expressed the great expectation on Xianghai future development and would give necessary support if need. 

The Visit of Party&Labor Committee and Economic Development Section

The Visit of Party&Labor Committee and Economic Development Section

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