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The Value Of Flexographic Printing In Packaging And Printing

- May 23, 2018 -

The relationship between printing and packaging can be described as inseparable, including the soft package industry in the entire packaging industry to occupy the dominant position, the overall status of the printing industry in the same impact on the development of the packaging industry, today to say the flexible printing of the soft industry.

The soft packaging industry is always related to people's livelihood. Despite many economic crises and financial turmoil, the industry is still full of escalation. In view of the current market, the threshold of soft packaging industry is getting higher and higher. It is the right idea to consider the investment of a soft package enterprise and to consider the equipment investment by using the concept of total cost.

If you quantify the value of your equipment, you can clearly see the value of the equipment will bring, and easier to refine the procurement needs. The manufacturers of the same package printing equipment also have to quantify the value of their production equipment so that they can see their shortcomings and future efforts to meet the needs of the market.

At present, for the equipment demand of the soft printing industry, for the printing process, the electronic shaft printing equipment has gradually replaced the mechanical axis gravure printing equipment. The application of flexographic printing will be developed in China for a long time. For dry composite process, the new design will bring more value to users. For the light packaging structure, the solvent free composite mode will be more replaced by the traditional dry compound mode, with the national policy as a guide, the future soft packaging equipment will be more inclined to environmental protection, energy saving and safety production.

Flexible printing is a relatively environmentally friendly type of printing. With the maturity of technology and the popularity of environmental protection ideas, flexible printing will be immeasurable in the future of the soft package industry. The main printing methods of the soft package industry will be dominated by flexo printing.

Here, we will briefly discuss the value of flexographic printing in packaging and printing with consumer goods packaging.

High resolution flexo

Flexographic printing uses flexible photosensitive resin plates, and relief embossed graphics transfer ink to the substrate. In recent years, flexographic printing has made breakthroughs in printing quality, and has become the main competitor of gravure printing in many printing fields.  The progress of a series of technologies, including the performance of the printer, the reticle roll, the plate, the shape of the dot, and the ink supply system, lays the foundation for the implementation of the new generation of high resolution flexo technology.

The technology advantages of high resolution flexography are compared with that of ordinary flexography, which is similar to the difference between high resolution television and ordinary TV. The resolution of high resolution flexographic printing images can reach 4000ppi2, while the standard flexography resolution is basically 2450ppi2. High resolution flexographic printing plates are flat top dots instead of traditional dome dots. The images of the dome dot print usually have the uneven edges and the color area is poor, and the new type of flat top outlets are more vivid, and the text is more easily discriminated.

The advantages of high resolution printing include more full field, better ink transfer, softer high light transition, better reproduction of high quality images, and the ability to add more than 150lpi of the number of network lines.

Smaller orders, faster replacement

At present, the new flexographic press can achieve at least 1.5 to 2 million orders. Flexographic printing can take smaller orders because the cost of its printing plate is more economical and easier to replace than the gravure cylinder. High resolution flexo printing enables rapid replacement of printing operations, shortening the time cycle from design to printing. These advantages provide more choices for packers, especially in the market environment where the packaging market emphasizes individualization, regionalization and regular promotional activities.

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