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The Features Of Flexographic Printing’s UV Ink

- Jul 04, 2018 -

UV curing technology (including the UV printing ink technology) with its high efficiency, energy saving, without solvent emissions or polluting the environment, such as the excellent product performance was internationally known as "the new technology of green industries facing the 21st century", its security has been recognized by the U.S. environmental protection agency.UV flexible printing ink features mainly as follows:

(1) safe and reliable, no solvent discharge, no flammability, no pollution to the environment, applicable to food, beverage, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other hygienic conditions requiring high packaging printing.UV flexible printing ink has been used in the field of food packaging abroad for many years without any problems.

(2) printing eligibility is good, high quality, printing process physical properties do not change, non-volatile solvent, viscosity stability, not easy to paste version, heap, available higher viscosity printing, lis, strong branches high-definition, order the good reproducibility, inky bright light, adhesion strong, suitable for printing fine products.

(3) can be instantaneous curing, high efficiency, wide adaptation, in the paper, aluminum foil, plastic and other printing carrier all have good adhesion, the product can be stacked, immediately after the printing adhesion will not occur.

(4) excellent physical and chemical performance.The process of the UV curing UV ink by linear structure into a mesh structure of photochemical reaction process, so it has the resistance to water, alcohol, alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, ageing resistance and so on many excellent physical and chemical properties, it is not as good as the other inks.

(5) low dosage.In the absence of solvent evaporation, high effective components, UV flexo printing ink can translate into ink film, nearly 100% dosage is less than half the ink or solvent-based inks, and can greatly reduce the plate and the anilox roller washing time.


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