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The Advantages Of Flexographic Printing

- Jul 03, 2018 -

1. The structure of flexographic printing machine is simple, so it is easy and convenient to operate.

2. Flexo printing machine works on roll material, can not only realize substrate double-sided printing, also can accomplish on-line polishing (or coated), hot stamping, die-cutting, exhaust, winding, etc. It greatly shortens the production cycle, saves manpower, material resources and financial resources, reduces production costs and improves economic benefits.

3. Flexographic printing machines can print different kinds of material,, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, adhesive paper and so on.

4. The printing quality is good, the color is bright, the visual effect is good, the flexo printing is specially suits the packaging printing request.

5. Flexographic printing use a new type of water-based ink and solvent ink, non-toxic, pollution-free, completely in line with the requirements of green environmental protection, and can also meet the requirements of food packaging.

6. Flexographic printing machines use roller-type materials that can be used online with many post-printing equipment, greatly shortening the production cycle.Flexographic printing cost is only 10%-20% of gravure printing, the amount of ink consumption than gravure printing less than 1/3, power saving 40%, the scrap rate is only 1%-2%, lower than gravure printing and offset printing, thus reducing the production cost.

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