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How To Use The Film Blowing Machine Correctly

- May 23, 2018 -

1, the film blowing machine check the temperature automatic control, heating appliances intact, pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature of each point in the index range.

2. Check the speed of traction and control the thickness of the film.

3. Observe the uniformity of film thickness and meet the standard.

4, check the pressure of air storage cylinder, blow film machine can not be too high, but there should be standby pressure.

5, check and control the ratio of raw materials and mix evenly.

6, check whether there are impurities in raw materials, especially in time to check with iron magnet mixing.

7, check the gearbox location and the lubrication condition of the air compressor cylinder lubricants.

8. Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each motor.

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