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How To Operate The Safety Cutting Machine

- May 23, 2018 -

The proper use of the slitter is to open the power switch of the slitting machine, turn on the machine, try the cutting, and check whether the required size requirements are met.

1: check whether the machine is normal and scrub the roller clean.

2:: die and blade equal to the width of the diaphragm in the corresponding position of the slitting machine. The die and blade must not have oil pollution, dust, rust and other blades must be sharp.

3: put the paper tube sleeve for the reel on the reel

4: the diaphragm should be securely fixed on the diaphragm rack behind the machine. The diaphragm must be fixed and must not move about or move up or down.

5: divide the diaphragm into the small diaphragm of the required size, and fix it on the paper tube sleeve. The diaphragm shaft needs to be cut separately, and the die and blade shaft and the reel must be neat.

6: turn on the power switch, start the machine, try the cutting, check whether to meet the required size requirements.

7: after confirming the qualification, adjust the proper speed dividing membrane.

8: after the entire diaphragm separator is completed, turn off the machine power switch, paste the stickers on the surface of the small coil diaphragm, and label the specifications and models.

9, cut the diaphragm well after passing the QA inspection, use plastic bags or cartons to keep dust, or transfer to the next process.

Matters needing attention:

1: check whether the buttons are fastened according to the safety regulations of the company.

2: before starting the machine, check whether the rotating parts are sundry and whether there is lubricating oil.

3: during operation, if abnormal conditions must be checked, it is strictly prohibited to deal with in operation.

4: machine maintenance is strictly prohibited to operate machinery, if necessary, must be stopped after maintenance.

5: the unrelated personnel are strictly forbidden to touch the switch device

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