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Dry Part For Flexo Printing Machine

- Mar 12, 2019 -

The length of the tape between the two printing parts (units) on the flexo press is 250-400mm, and the flexo speed is generally 150m/min, which means that the time on the roll passes through the drying device is only a fraction Up to tenths of a second, therefore, the drying device of the flexographic printing machine is required to have good drying efficiency.

The drying device of the flexographic printing machine is divided into two stages: one level is inter-color drying, that is, the front color ink layer is dried as completely as possible before entering the next printing unit, and the other level is final drying, that is, all the inks in each color. After printing, the solvent in the ink layer should be completely eliminated to avoid filth failure during rewinding or stacking.


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