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Film Printing Machine

Characteristics: 1)Ink Roller :With the Ceramic roller by 100LPI-1000LPI.high speed dot reproduction rate ,screen printing ,structred,three –dimensional sense of strong ,registering accurately 2)Ink :Adopt the automatic circle system ,running ink by single small motor ,with the electrical clutch...

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1)Ink Roller :With the Ceramic roller by 100LPI-1000LPI.

2)Ink :Adopt the automatic circle system ,running ink by single small motor ,with the electrical clutch device

3)Timing :,running by small fluctuations

4)Unwinder EPC :adopt the high quality automatic EPC controller device

5)Unwinder and rewinder way : adopt the magnetism Auto tension controller

6)Ink way :Specially designed doctor blade device with the ink pump can suck the ink automatically

7)Up and down plate :adopt the hydraulic pressure rising and down the printing plate automatically.




Printing Color:4 Colors

Max. Width of Material:1000mm

Printing Speed:10-150m/min(according to the printing materials)

Register Precision:Transverse:+-0.15  Longitude:+-0.15

This film printing machine is a stack type flexo printing machine. The individual printing units are stacked one on another and arranged at one or both ends of the main wall panel of the printer. Each printing unit is driven by a gear train mounted on the main wall panel. It uses a guide roller to change the tape travel path, and the tape can be printed on both sides of the tape by the printer once. There is a certain distance between each printing unit, which is convenient for installing the drying device. It is easy to operate and can be printed at high speed.


1. High-precision closed scraper system with ceramic eyewheel for fine print quality.

2. The circuit control adopts PLC with color human-machine interface control system.

3. The maintenance-free finished product monitoring adopts advanced automatic static observer with a color LCD screen.

4. Stack type arrangements make it easy to adjust, replace parts and clean.

5. Ceramic roller by 100LPI-1000LPI, its wear resistance is 20 to 30 times higher than chrome roller, printing resistance can reach 400 million times, and the density of cell can be up to 600 lines/in. It is suitable for printing fine color prints.

6. The post printing processing capability is strong. It can be used online with many postpress equipment for post printing process such as glazing,hot stamping, die cutting,winding,etc..

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