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PVA Film Printing Machine

PVA Film Printing Machine

Feature: 1. Method:Central impression for better color registration. With the central impression configuration, The material to be printed is supported by the cylinder, Greatly improving color register, Especially with extensible materials. 2. Structure:Wherever possible, parts are commonized...

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PVA Film Printing Machine


1. With higher overprinting accuracy, the tension is very stable due to the tight wrapping of the tape on the central impression cylinder, eliminating the need for an automatic registration control system;

2. The structure is simple, the distance between the embossing points is short, and the registration quality is convenient;

3. The structure of the machine is rigid and the performance is more stable.

4. The enclosedchamber doctor blade and ink hoses ensure the optimum amount of ink for the anilox roller and the printing plate, improves the ink transfer function of the short ink path system, reduces solvent evaporation, and makes the ink color consistent.

5. Use water-based environmentally friendly inks, reduce pollution



Web material:

OPP, PE, PET, Breathable film and the like materials

Printing width:

600 - 2000mm


6 - 12

Max. speed:

200m/min(Printing speed depends on difference technic)

Drying method:

Gas, Steam, Hot oil, Electrical heating

Optional items:

Corona device, Slitting, UV system and so on


Plastic packaging, Breathable film, Non-woven fabric



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