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Hangzhou Xianghuai Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Room 809, No 5 Building, No 998 Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, China




Hangzhou Xianghuai Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Xianghuai Machinery Technology CO., LTD. has been committed to the R&D and technical services of the multi-axis motion control scheme and equipment, high speed flexo printing machine, and high-end dedicated equipment since the date of establishment. Company takes high-end technology research and development and the core technical team’s building as the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprise development goal is direct competition with the most advanced automated foreign machinery companies.and it has gradually become the leading elite in domestic packaging, printing, new high-end special equipment industry.

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In 2015, the company launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Canadian returnees team “DAS”, which made the company's development reach a new milestone. With the leading of  technical team led by Dr He Weidong  who  recorded in  national "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" and the member of the committee of innovation experts of the state council: professor Hanwei, xianghuai machinery  company developed cascading shaft-less flexo printing machine, automatic high-speed unit type flexo printing machine, high precision satellite flexo printing machines, and multi-axis linkage of irregular surface grinding robot, polishing robot, metal casting and other high-end automation equipment, it filled  several blanks in this field of domestic industry, and also  directly competed with the foreign advanced technology at the same time.

Hangzhou Xianghuai Machinery Technology co., LTD

The office of the company  locate on the zhejiang hangzhou future sci-tech twon (zhejiang overseas high-level talents innovation park) with beautiful environment and perfect facilities, and the park collect hundreds of overseas high-tech enterprises together.

The industrial base of the company is located in zhongtai industrial park, adjacent to the "nanhu innovation town" built by alibaba, leading the development of a new round of intelligent manufacturing industry.


Hangzhou Xianghuai Machinery Technology co., LTD Office

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The company's core products are

1.stack type non-axial flexographic printing machine

2.Automatic high speed unit type flexo printing machine

3.High precision CI type flexographic printing machine

4.Multi-axis irregular curved surface polishing special robot

5.Special robot for grinding metal castings

6.Human-computer interaction software development platform