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Hangzhou xianghuai machinery technology co., LTD. has been committed to the research ,development and technical services of the multi-axis motion control scheme and equipment, high speed flexo printing machine, and high-end dedicated equipment since the date of establishment.Company takes high-end technology research and development and the core technical team’s building as the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprise development goal is direct competition with the most advanced automated foreign machinery companies.and it has gradually become the leading elite in domestic packaging, printing, new high-end special equipment industry.

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Hot Products
  • Stack Type Flexographic Printing Press
    Stack Type Flexographic Printing Press

    Description: It adopts flexible printing plate, suitable for printing material such as...

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  • Paper Cup Printing Machine
    Paper Cup Printing Machine

    Suitable Material: Various kinds of soft packing materials such as roll paper, non-woven,...

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  • Colour Printing Machine
    Colour Printing Machine

    Description : It adopts environmental ink and has advantage of low edition-producing cost, this...

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  • Napkin Paper Flexo Printing&Folding Machine
    Napkin Paper Flexo Printing&Folding Machine

    ​This flexo printing machine is applicable to fine multi-color continous printing on the soft...

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  • Flexo Stack Print Machines
    Flexo Stack Print Machines

    USE: This machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene, polyethylene...

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  • CI Type High Speed Flexo Printing Machine
    CI Type High Speed Flexo Printing Machine

    Description: This central impression (central drum)flexographic printing machine is suitable for...

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Xianghuai Intelligent Manufactured High-speed C... 27 Aug,2018 Customized CI flexo printing press , 6 colors, web width 1600mm, length of 10 meters, weight of 20 tons, hand Read More
The Visit Of Party&Labor Committee And Economic... 25 Jul,2018 Hu Jianlin, the new secretary of Party&Labor Committee of Zhongtai Street, Liang Fugen, Party&Labor Read More
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